The Program

The first step in a successful ring program is displaying the product. Covenant has the widest and finest selection of displays available. They all sell rings, so choose the one that’s right for you and your store.  Keep in mind that our hardwood displays are available in Dark Walnut, White Oak (Medium) and Maple (Light) and they’re all FREE.

Display:  We start by mounting our best selling styles on the display, then numbering and pricing each style with your store’s retail price.  The display is then sealed, both to prevent pilferage and to maintain the integrity of the presentation.  It’s ready to go on the counter the moment you receive it.  Because the display is sealed, all sales are made from a back-stock cabinet.

Stock Cabinet:  This is a multi-drawer unit with each drawer partitioned inside to make it easy to control inventory and fit the customer.  Each style and size has its own compartment making it easy to re-order those good sellers.  You’ll receive one (1) piece of each size for each style displayed with your startup program.  Like our displays, the stock cabinet is FREE.

Unconditional Guarantee:  Every item that Covenant sells is backed by our Unconditional Guarantee.  You will receive a packet of guarantees with your program to give to each customer who buys a ring.  If they have any problem, they can return it to us and we will repair or replace it at no charge to them.

Exchange Policy:  Covenant will change 25% of the styles on a customer’s display once or twice a year.  We will prepare a new display, send it to the store and the customer returns the old display and any stock remaining on the discontinued styles.  Our customers never need to markdown product.

I know, I know this all sounds too good to be true; free displays; free stock cabinet; an Unconditional Guarantee and you never have a markdown. What’s the catch?  Well, there really is no catch, but you don’t get off scot free; you do have a key part in this program.  Of course you will have to pay for the goods, but more to the point, you’ll need to re-order the rings that sell.  Without re-ordering, this great program isn’t going to work.  Oh, you won’t get hurt, you’ll most likely get your money back, but you won’t make any money and isn’t that what this is all about?  Making money?