R.S. Covenant began its journey 30 years ago, in the basement of its owners, Pat and Roger Schroeder, and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of fashion rings in the country.  What began with dreams of wildly successful sales and profits, quickly turned into the hard reality of survival.  Not only did Covenant survive, it thrived.  Today, our customers benefit from those many years of struggle.

When you sell only one product as Covenant did for 30 years, you learn quickly that your customer must be successful or you’ll soon be out of business.  So Pat and Roger began thinking about their customers’ success rather than their own, believing that the one would balance the other.  Everything Covenant does is built around their customer’s need to make money from selling their product.  Free displays, free stock cabinets, great margins and liberal exchange privileges are just the beginning.

R.S. Covenant sells a program.  They will be the first to tell you that there are many companies who can sell you a ring, but few, if any, that can sell you a program that works!  And work it does!  Many customers find Covenant’s program to be the single best seller in their store, producing more sales and profit per square foot than any other item.  Even better, Covenant has developed a way to prove it.  As part of their customer service policy, Covenant tracks every re-order that a customer places.  Armed with this information, we are capable of producing a performance analysis and income statement for any customer’s display at the click of a button.

Covenant sells rings that are made of Sterling Silver and rings that are made of Jeweler’s Bronze (a brass alloy).  They all have the look of fine jewelry.  Rings are not a trendy item and Roger admits that some styles have been in their line for 30 years.  Some styles just refuse to go away and continue to sell year after year.  But there is a big difference in the product sold today versus 30 years ago.  In the old days, stones were glass and most were glued in place.  Today, most stones are hand-set, custom-cut Cubic Zirconia.  Quality has improved 1000% and prices aren’t any higher than they were 30 years ago.

Every style that Covenant carries is unique in that each is made to our specifications.  There will be styles that you might see carried by other suppliers simply because they represent a great new look and everyone wants to show it; or they could be ageless classics that everyone must have.  But you would be hard pressed to find another ring that has the same quality built into it as Covenant’s.  Our only concern is making a better ring.  Every ring is made one at a time.  Every ring is hand-polished.  And, Covenant’s Cubic Zirconia is custom-cut and hand-set, just like a diamond.  The result; our rings look better; and they sell better.

Our mission: To provide the finest ring possible at the best possible price.  You won’t find a better ring for less… that’s a promise!